Thursday, December 29, 2011

A little dream-like wedding

Spheres : wedding decor          
Spheres : wedding decor
Red & Ivory Wedding Cupcakes     
Red & Ivory Wedding Cupcakes
Alexia Designs Flower Girl       
Alexia Designs Flower Girl
Alexia Designs Flower Girl Dress 
Alexia Designs Flower Girl Dress F002
chose a red, leopard print       
chose a red, leopard print
leopard wedding decorations      
leopard wedding decorations
Leopard print faux fur coat:     
Leopard print faux fur coat:
red leopard weddings             
red leopard weddings
Lily and Red Rose Bouquet        
Lily and Red Rose Bouquet
Paolo Reyes & Rachelle Red       
Paolo Reyes & Rachelle Red
Claire and Scott Wedding in      
Claire and Scott Wedding in
Oppression Through Biblical      
Oppression Through Biblical
Hair Stylist: Orquidea           
Hair Stylist: Orquidea
Hair Stylist: Orquidea           
Hair Stylist: Orquidea
Rosa Clara Musica-164 12 1       
Rosa Clara Musica-164 12 1
Rosa Clara Cloe Bridal Gown  2010
  RC10_CloeBG . Starting at:  49
Rosa Clara Cloe Bridal Gown  2010   RC10_CloeBG . Starting at:  499.99
Rose Wedding Programs            
Rose Wedding Programs
Royal Blue and Viridian Green Shi
mer Georgette Saree   141.00    
Royal Blue and Viridian Green Shimmer Georgette Saree   141.00
Deep Royal Blue Faux Georgette We
ding and Festival Embroidered Sa
Deep Royal Blue Faux Georgette Wedding and Festival Embroidered Saree
A little dream-like wedding      
A little dream-like wedding

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