Wednesday, December 28, 2011

and Mary circa 1960 .

Shoes: in outside picture,       
Shoes: in outside picture,
What a perfect Christmas.        
What a perfect Christmas.
Christmas Pajamas tradition      
Christmas Pajamas tradition
December 18, 1968. Hi Larry,     
December 18, 1968. Hi Larry,
to bake the wedding cake         
to bake the wedding cake
Wedding Cakes, Cupcakes          
Wedding Cakes, Cupcakes
roses on a wedding cake.         
roses on a wedding cake.
received last Christmas.         
received last Christmas.
christmas wedding centerpieces   
christmas wedding centerpieces
piercing wedding pictures        
piercing wedding pictures
Lowton St. Marys Wedding         
Lowton St. Marys Wedding
Christmas Inspired Wedding       
Christmas Inspired Wedding
church decorations for wedding   
church decorations for wedding
Church Pew Wedding Decorations   
Church Pew Wedding Decorations
A Cinderella Wedding             
A Cinderella Wedding
Snapshot: Circa 1909  2003       
Snapshot: Circa 1909  2003
circa 1974 wedding dresses       
circa 1974 wedding dresses
1974, after a taping of          
1974, after a taping of
and Mary  circa 1960 .           
and Mary  circa 1960 .

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